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History of the School

Joseph Locke Primary School opened in June 2007.It is a brand new school built under the Governments PFI project. The school was built on land previously occupied by allotments.
We are very proud of our new school and hope our website portrays some of the many exciting things which happen here in our school.

Our school was previously known as Longcar Primary School and was situated at the junction off Racecommon Road and Longcar Lane, it was one hundred years old when it closed in 2007.

Here is a copy of the account relating to the opening of Longcar Primary School, which appeared in the Barnsley Chronicle on 16.11.1907.
The New Council Schools, Racecommon Road, Barnsley
Situate at the junction of Racecommon Road and Longcar Lane, the site (purchased from the late Mr S Green) is an exceptionally good one and the most has been made of its natural advantages in the planning and arrangement of the schools.
There are three separate and distinct schools to accommodate 1020 scholars-boys, girls and infants, so placed as to leave the greatest possible area of the site free for large square and well paved playgrounds with a sunny aspect.
Each school is planned with duplicate entrances opening to a well lighted wide corridor, with separate cloakrooms and lavatories. The teachers room occupies a central position, commanding full view of the playground and school. The central halls open from the main corridors, and the advantages which the central hall plan of apparent, as from this room full supervision of the whole six classrooms as well as access to them is obtained. The classrooms are divided from the hall by glazed screens, in moulded arched openings, in which are most ingeniously arranged museum and other cupboards.
The plans for the schools are most compact, and fulfil all the requirements of the Education Department without any waste space, and have received the highest approval from her Majesties Inspectors.



The schools are well lit with electricity, the fittings used being the tantalum lamps. The school furniture throughout is executed in oak, with dual desks for all classrooms. The schools are built of Brighouse and Wombwell Wood stone.